This page is dedicated to sharpening tools of all sorts.  Sharpening, is that oh so important skill with which so many woodworkers struggle, unnecessarily so, I say.  There is no magic to sharpening, no untold secret of the ages, no "one method to rule them all."  There is only the physics and understanding of what makes a sharp edge, a properly ground angle and a basic set of easily obtainable skills to set a truly sharp edge on a tool.

Sharpening is one of those skills, like so many others, that has thousands of varying preconceptions, opinions, methods and results.  This is a collection of a few methods and instructions that I have found to be useful, accurate and repeatable.  I'll be adding the "coming soon" items in the near future, and if I have requests for additional information/videos I'll compile and add those as well.

Links to PHW blog entries and videos on specific topics:

We Got Knives, We Got Nukes, Sharp Sticks...

  -What Is "Sharp?"
  -Bevel Angles, A Primer
  -Introduction to Sharpening Methods
  -Brief Sharpening "Test Video"
  -Convex Bevels

Sharpening Methods, Use and Care:
  -Sandpaper Sharpening/Scary Sharp
  -Powered Sharpening
  -Worksharp 3000
  -Ceramics #1
  -Adapted Method (the one I use personally) (coming soon)
  -Testing Sharpness

Honing Methods:
  -Introduction to Honing
  -Stropping (coming soon)
  -8000 Grit Waterstone "Short Tip"
  -Making a Leather Hone (coming soon)

Saw Sharpening:
  -Videos Coming Soon
  -Term Definitions (coming soon)
  -Saw Vises (coming soon)

Knife and Razor Sharpening:
  -Video Coming Soon

Card Scrapers and Scraper Blades:
  -Video Coming Soon

Axe and Hatchet Sharpening:
  -Video Coming Soon

Carving and Turning Tools:
  -Videos Coming Soon

Other Jigs, Fixtures And Tools:
  -Bevel Angle Finder by Pinnacle 
  -Veritas Grinder Tool Rest and Jig
  -Swan Neck Mortise Chisels
  -Veritas MKII Honing Guide
  -Wolverine Grinding Jig and Accessories by Oneway
  -More to come

Grit Comparison Charts:
Please remember that these comparisons are approximations, and that grits will vary based upon manufacturer and material.  The best way to know what you have got (if you don't already know) 
is to use it and see what type of edge it will put on the steel.  
  -Norton Abrasives Chart (Go To Page 4)
  -SharpeningSupplies.Com  Chart
  -Sandpaper Grit Comparison Between European ISO/FEPA and US CAMI Grit Standards

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