We All Have Our Vices

I am willing to confess that I have a vise vice.  Whether it's used for boring boring, to pare some pear, to plane some plain grain or to beat the guy who keeps making stupid wordplay jokes, a vise is a good tool to have on hand.  A vice is one of those tools that you don't often think about until you really need one.  You also don't have to take a lone loan to get one (Last one I promise).


Right in the Shorts!

I have decided to make the "Short Tips" videos a regular item on the PHW blog.  I can cram a lot of good information into a short video which is good for watching over your morning coffee, or in the bathroom, or really, anywhere now that we can watch videos on phones, tablets, and soon to be watches... I knew if we just waited long enough Dick Tracy would come back around, just like slap bracelets and leg warmers!!

This video gives a couple quick pointers on hand honing a chisel bevel and the use of a higher grit waterstone.  For a much more detailed look at waterstones check out this video Waterstones Part 1.


Water, Water Everywhere!

Whetstones are one of the oldest methods of sharpening tools.  "Hone slates," similar to modern day portable whetstones, have been found in and around Roman ruins and were used for swords, knives, stone-working tools and woodworking tools.  Hone slates may have used many cutting fluids, oil, water, spit, or nothing (dry), whichever was readily available ("nothing" is almost always available).  Initially just as common, were large grinding wheels which became more and more prevalent throughout the years.  These wheels often used water as a cutting and cooling fluid (if any was used at all).


The Many Ways to Skin a Cat!

As you are no doubt aware there are many different ways to sharpen metal tools.  If you were looking for actual cat skinning I'm sure there is a blog somewhere else for that.  I have a couple of videos (part 1 and part 2) that cover many sharpening methods in overview.  I will be making a detailed video for each method discussed over the next couple of weeks.


Lunch Break!

Saturday afternoon I was able to pry myself away for an hour or so to attend a local Lie Nielsen Handtool Event!  It was, as they always are, a great time.  If you have never been to one, I'd definitely recommend attending one of these events.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa...

I know I promised sharpening videos today, however, the one I had planned to post was not saveable by any means of editing, simply, it was just terrible.  I am re-filming with the help of my wife, as soon as she stops laughing at my first attempt, and I should have it posted before the end of the week.  In the mean time I am posting two "Saw Tips" (see what I did there?) videos.


Daylight Savings Time

Well, here it is again, Daylight Savings Time.  "Fall Back."  At least it's not "Spring Forward!"  Why does an hour seem to throw my entire life off kilter?  I had hoped to post the first sharpening video today, but, excuse...excuse...excuse...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry, I fell asleep there for a minute.


Grind It.

When sharpening plane irons and chisels it is important to remember some basic angles.  These guides are just that, guides.  I recommend experimenting with these angles some to determine what angles work the best for you in the types of woods in which you typically work.


The Pink Jersey

Forgetfulness, it seems, is a rather common condition.  I am one of many sufferers of this infectious disease.  Perhaps it is the ever spreading sleep deprivation that we as Americans seem to enjoy, or the adult ADD that comes along for a ride on the tired train.  Maybe, it is that we are constantly distracted by a million "necessary" technologies in our every day settings.  Or, it could be the hundreds of separate ideas and thoughts racing through our minds at any one time.


Sharp [Shärp] (adj.)

I feel it is only proper to start this the way every other high school/middle school paper should start...or at least mine did...