A word on safety

First and foremost, safety should be a number one concern when attempting anything.  It becomes very difficult to continue with hands on hobbies like woodworking and machining with injuries, especially injuries typical of these activities.  Everybody has differing skill levels and sets so if you see me doing something on this blog that you are not comfortable doing, find a safer way to perform the task (and when you do, please let me know).  You should always follow manufacturers instructions for the use of tools and use tools for their intended purpose, and always wear your personal protective equipment.  I will do my best to warn you of potential dangers within projects I am demonstrating, however, your own safety should be your number one concern.  In short, think before you act, and if you see me doing something unsafe please feel free to post a comment as it may help others not make the same mistake.  Thanks and Be Safe!

Thumbs Up To Safety!!


  1. Safety (by definition) is taking a picture of the nail you shot through your thumb while drinking coffee and driving your pickup.

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