Milling Around.

I'm still rather new to celebrating Father's Day as a father, so I'm still not sure of my favorite way to spend the "holiday."  I do know, however, that this year's Father's Day celebration at our house was the best one yet.  I got some extra sleep, had a great breakfast, spent some quality time with the family and then headed for the great outdoors (my backyard).  I spent a portion of my afternoon setting up my Alaskan MKIII chainsaw mill and then got up close and personal with some logs that have been eating up space in my yard for way too long.  


Data Collection.

It warms my heart to think that some lowly agent at the NSA has likely been forced to read a PHW blog post or two and has had to spend his or her valuable time watching one of my sharpening videos.  I can see him reading a post about milling a walnut tree, then getting bored with what I have to say and following one of the links on my blog to a real woodworking site that may have inspired him to actually give woodworking a try.  After all, NSA agents aren't likely immune to the web surfing addiction that the rest of us fall victim to, in fact, it seems they are actually encouraged to roam around on the interwebs.  All this talk lately of data collection got me thinking about some data I have personally been mining recently.  Unfortunately, my Internet hacking abilities stop at logging into my email.  As a result, I have been forced to collect data the old fashioned way... by doing something, then looking at what I have done and saying "oh crap...well I'd better start over."

Ms. Mary May Showing Everyone How It's Done

Partially Finished Ball And Claw