Angle Of The Dangle

For a long time I have used a protractor, a small piece of wood and a marker to find angles on my chisels.  Well, the protractor, which I have had since elementary school, finally bit the dust (both literally and figuratively on my shop floor). I thought about making some blocks of wood with varying fixed angles cut into them to measure the angles on my blades, but these wear over time, are of varying precision, and eat up space on a shelf.

When I was looking for the Veritas Grinder Jig, I found several different styles of "angle finders" on the market. Most of them were just fixed angles that you slide the blade into to approximate its angle.  These work well and are very simple to use, but I wanted something I could use to measure an exact angle like my protractor, you know, for those times when 33 degrees works differently than 35 degrees.  This is why I decided to spend slightly more and get this Pinnacle Angle Gauge.

The gauge works, effectively and simply.  It is very accurate and is a high quality build.  I am very happy with it so far, and recommend it if you are in need of something similar.

Anodized Aluminum Angle Gauge 15-45 Degrees

Just Slide The Bevel In Against The Measuring Arm

It Rests The Gauge On The Bevel
Move It Accordingly To Also Measure Microbevels

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