Worksharp...That Is All.

I have managed to blow the dust off my camera and get my butt in gear just enough to start making videos for the PHW Blog again.  There will be some slow but steady improvements to the video set in the coming months (lucky for me) to include a way to heat and cool the space which will make it much easier to shoot more videos in a shorter amount of time.  Currently, it is hot enough to melt lead in the workshop and as such, sitting in front of large lights for an extended period of time while I film gets unbearably hot (read: sweaty and smelly).  Once things cool off a little it will also be possible to start some additional larger projects in the shop to include the promised joinery bench (months ago) and the Roubo monster.

This video is a combination overview and review of the Worksharp 3000.  Upon first borrowing this gadget from my father in law (he didn't mind the extended borrow time...I promise!) I wasn't sure I was really sold on its operation.  I filmed an initial overview which wasn't very favorable.  I held off on posting the video long enough to try some accessories and get some practice with the Worksharp.  Once I was able to get a rhythm down, and figure out its idiosyncrasies, I found out just how versatile and useful this tool can be.  This little guy is basically electronic sandpaper sharpening.  It does have some drawbacks which I cover in the video, but all around this tool excels at sharpening and honing chisels and plane irons in a fraction of the time many other tools take.  I hope the video is informative and useful for anyone who owns a Worksharp 3000 or is considering a purchase.   Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

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