Thorough Thoreau...Part 2

Puzzles can be fun.  As a child, however, I got bored with flat cardboard puzzles easily (I sported a very limited attention span).  The puzzles that kept my interest were the three dimensional interlocking ones, oh, and Legos.  This last weekend, I got to partake in the assembly of a monster puzzle... and it was awesome!

Oak Timbers In Housed Dovetail Form


Over Romancing The Stone.

I have always suspected that we (modern folk) tend to over-romanticize our predecessors a bit.  Before I go any further, I must state that I intend no disrespect to those talented craftsmen who have come before me.  In fact, I hold the the artisans that paved the path for modern woodworkers in high esteem.  I do feel though, that they were a lot more like you and me than many people want to believe...and this is where I will loose some readers forever.
Some Tools Of Old, Ready To Come Home!


Woodworking In America 2012...Part 1

I have finally done the impossible.  I managed to persuade my wife and daughter to come with me on an entirely woodworking-centric getaway weekend.  This may be the first step down the slippery slope that my wife has long feared.  My woodworking addiction has now spilled over into our vacation time.  Their accompaniment, however, has allowed me the pleasure of enjoying my weekend nearly guilt free!  Cincinnati offers them loads to do while I sip from the vast font of knowledge spewing forth from the mouths of the masters (get my geek on in woodworking classes).