Why a Blog?

My friends know me as "the late guy" or "gorilla" depending on who you ask.  I am known as the late guy because *GASP* I am late to just about everything.  It drives me crazy (not the name calling, just being late), but I just can't seem to break the cycle of lateness.  So, in true form, I am late in the game to the digital media front.  I don't have a Facebook page, I don't do The Twitter, I'm terrible at replying to emails and I almost never answer my cell phone in time.  It's not that I'm really old or I don't care or that I don't see the relevance in these things to modern culture, its just that all of those things seem so unnatural to me.  A wonderful day to me involves being outside building something or in my workshop knee deep in a project.  It does not involve answering the phone, sending an email, or updating my status from "awesome" to "greatest ever" (Is that a thing?  Because, if it's not it should be).  I kind of feel like we have turned sitting at a cubicle into a fun game, It's not, trust me I know.  

Why then, you ask, would you ever have a blog you hypocritical @$$%^!????  Well offer me the courtesy to answer your most intriguing question.  Mostly, because my wife is beyond tired of hearing me explain how "I just got the sharpest edge on my plane iron" or how "I cut the most beautiful dovetail the other day."  She has perfected a zombie-like dead eye stare and slight neck tilt that she expertly executes as soon as I drop into "shop-talk."  It is really impressive she is a bit like a chameleon changing colors, I don't think she even has to think about it anymore.  My daughter is too young to care and way too young to pretend to be impressed by my tales of woodworking adventure, she just wants to throw food on the floor and have me over-react to her smelly diaper.  

I don't care about your new panel saw daddy!!
Telling anyone else how great I am at this point would require that I talk on the phone for more than ten seconds...not an option, just the thought makes me feel a bit like this:
Don't answer your celly my Droogies
That leaves me with this option, the blog, where I can share pictures, videos and stories with an enormous imaginary audience whom I like to picture are glued to their computer screens with dry itchy eyes because they refuse to blink for fear they might miss something important.  

In reality, the blog offers me the ability to reach out to a much larger community of people with similar interests to myself.  It also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I post something, is that sad?  I feel like that sounds sad.  Oh well.  Hopefully, I will eventually get my numbers up to one reader and then I can retire on the tens of cents that sponsors will want to give me for promoting their products.  Until then I'll just keep posting expertly executed relevant writings with beautiful photographs and exacting content....or maybe just cat videos...yeah probably just cat videos.


  1. Awesome job Collin!!! Sorry I didn't get around to checking it out earlier :)