Whats Up Honie?

I wasn't actually planning on doing a video directly related to honing, but the more I thought about sharpening, it seemed somewhat lazy to not include it in the set.  Also, I had a nightmare that someone out there was struggling with plane blades that were only razor sharp, and not ridiculously sharp (the obvious next level of sharpness).  It still makes my skin crawl.

This video is long, I know.  I am incapable of talking for less than twenty minutes on any one topic, just ask my wife.  YouTube has been kind enough to allow me to post a video longer than the old limit of 15 minutes so the videos no longer have to be split up into several segments.  Hopefully, they don't suddenly realize their mistake of letting me make long videos and decide to take away my camera.

The next video will be on fettling, tuning up and restoring hand planes, after that it's on to Power Sharpening.

I hope this is at least somewhat informative, and as always thanks for watching.  You can also view this and all my other videos on my YouTube Chanel: Polthaus YouTube Chanel

The link I mention during the segment on the Worksharp is here
Worksharp 3000 Review By: thintz12
The Alpha Abrasives link is here:
Alpha Abrasives Incorporated Sanding Film

If it isn't available in HD yet, check back.  It occasionally takes YouTube a little extra time to publish larger files.

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