Daylight Savings Time

Well, here it is again, Daylight Savings Time.  "Fall Back."  At least it's not "Spring Forward!"  Why does an hour seem to throw my entire life off kilter?  I had hoped to post the first sharpening video today, but, excuse...excuse...excuse...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry, I fell asleep there for a minute.

I do have a video to post today though.  It was actually just a test video I did but when I reviewed it, it seemed like it might actually contain a tiny bit of useful information (just like my brain).  I filmed myself starting the process of flattening a chisel back.  As I discussed in previous entries this is a critical part of getting a chisel sharp enough to cut wood fibers cleanly.  The back also acts as a reference surface when using the chisel along a marked line and helps to keep the chisel perpendicular when cleaning up cuts.  It is also extremely important (for a flat back) that your stones be flat.  Both oil stones and water stones (especially water stones) will hollow (get a dip) when you use them, sometimes after only a few passes.  I'll be posting a video on flattening stones soon.

In the video I use my left hand as a depth guide because I am really only flattening/polishing the last inch or so of the chisel.  My other hand applies an even pressure on the top of the chisel with my finger so that the back flattens evenly across the entire width.

I'm using a Tri-Hone Sharpening System on the "coarse stone" to shear off the most amount of material I can, quickly.  I show the back of the chisel in the light and you can see that even after less than a minute of sharpening I have begun to wear away the hollow ground into the back of the chisel in a flat even pattern.

Okay, enough talk.  Watch the video and let me know what you think.  I'll be posting more videos over the next couple of days now that I have figured out how to use the editing software and am not falling asleep into my dinner plate.  Lucky You!

This is also available in HD on my new YouTube Chanel

Video filmed with: Canon 5D Mark II
Edited with: Windows Live Movie Maker 

Song: Daylight Savings Time
Composer: Grandpa Jones

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