Handplanes: An Introduction

This is an introduction video for a new series I will be putting together on handplanes.  The PHW Sharpening Series will continue on ad infinitum, as there are always new tools to sharpen and new ways to sharpen them (especially if I get another two or three jobs to support my habit...wait...what? I can quit anytime I want!).  The in-depth handplane videos that will follow this introduction will cover a wide swath of information.  Just a few of the videos I am planning include:

Detailed instruction on individual planes, to include several specialty planes
Fettling (tuning up) and cleaning new planes
Restoring planes, including re-japanning and making minor repairs
Making totes and knobs
Japanese style planes
Powered planing methods
Shooting boards
Making a wooden bodied and an infill handplane
Making a metal bodied handplane

I will try my best to give focus to these videos in order fill them with relevant information without making them ridiculously long and un-watchable, so... I guess that means I'll have to start with the next one?  Wish me luck.

Here are the Stanley Plane links I mention in the video:
Stanley By Numbers
The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood and Gore

Also available on my YouTube Channel here;  PHW YouTube Channel

The preview frames I get to choose from for these videos on YouTube are always so great... Elvis impersonation anyone?

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