John Neeman Does It Again.

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Once again the fellas at John Neeman Tools have set a benchmark with a beautiful video demonstrating a portion of the extensive process required to hand forge tools.  This is the third video in their growing set entitled "The Birth Of A Tool," and the Damascus knife/sheath combination made in the video is drool-worthy.  I wrote a very short post a while ago about this group from Latvia started by John Neeman, and had a short email exchange with the gents there.  These guys are the real deal from the ground up.  They seem to be able to perfectly marry some modern power tools with traditional techniques to produce some of the most beautiful tools.  They have grown their inventory of traditional hand made tools and are working on portions of their website to make more of them available for purchase.  Mr. Neeman puts his heart and soul into each tool he forges and it shows in their beauty, function, and elegance through simplicity.

Well made, handmade tools are a rarity anymore.  It is not as rare to find someone making knives, however, forging Damascus patterned steel from raw materials is rather rare.  The sheath that is made in the video is equally impressive as it is custom made for the forged knife...with the forged knife, awesome.  A deep understanding of raw materials is what sets this tool maker apart from many others.  Knowing how raw materials work, helps to make a better product in the end.  By understanding the limitations of each material involved in making a tool, the craftsman can exploit each materials strength.  This is apparent in the end result of these tools.  Bravo, Neeman Tools, keep it up.

John Neeman has indeed left Neeman Toolworks and has started his new company called Autine.  The same principles apply here and all his tools are handcrafted to the highest standards.  He also offers a lifetime warranty on all his tools.  Here is a video of his new endeavor, I wish him all the best and I intend to place an order sometime this year, after which I'll post a review.  Now, to go buy some lotto tickets!


  1. need need need also 4:49 nice nod to Benson and Sobon

  2. Not possible to order there. I`ve heard about his new company: johnneeman.com. I`m curious to order something!

    1. You are absolutely right! I did some checking and since I last spoke with the crew at John Neeman Tools, John Neeman has moved on to start his own company, Autine (johnneeman.com). Thanks!