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I promise the power sharpening videos, handplane videos, and hand saw videos are coming.  I totally scrapped the first set of power sharpening videos as they were just too hard to watch.  I shot them over the span of two weeks and they had evolved into a poorly cobbled together, incoherent mess.  Additionally, I was able to spend a lot more time with the Work Sharp lately, and I would have been forced to recant most of my video review (as it turns out, it is a great machine...for some things).  For me, running the blog and making videos is a bit like flying a plane while it's being built.  I am having to learn this digital media front while I am creating with it, and from time to time my beautiful souffle turns into a pile of fish flavored pudding.  Then there is the management of my man made, over-watched,  stress inducing nemesis - time - that bastard keeps running out on me.  So, enough with the lame excuses an on to someone who actually makes great videos.

As promised and repeated, when I post Other Peoples Videos, I they will be worthwhile.  This set of two companion videos will not disappoint.  The individuals featured in the video are Mr. John Neeman (blacksmith/bladesmith) and his friend Jacob (carpenter).  This set of friends has created a company, out of Latvia as best as I can tell, that creates hand forged tools from soup to nuts in a small traditional workshop.  Their website is under construction but the link is www.Neemantools.com.  The tools they create are beautiful, and (seemingly) more importantly, rugged and functional.  Old world techniques and mind sets combine with some modern technology (look for it in the chisel video) for some functional art.  This inspires me to make something great, hopefully it does the same for you.  Enjoy.

John Neeman Tools

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