Two's Company

Well, the news has been released about Woodworking In America 2012.  There will be two conferences!!

Follow this link for the Popular Woodworking article: WIA 2012 Announcement

They are planning the first in Pasadena, California on October 12-14 and the second in Cincinnati, Ohio/Kentucky (it's at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center) on November 2-4.  Personally, I think two conferences, one on either side of the country (roughly), is a great idea which may end up reaching a larger audience in the long run.  I wonder, though, if this will reduce the community gathering aspect and sharing between the different styles, practices and views of woodworking across the country?  Left Coast woodworking design and styles are often rather different than some here on the Right Coast and this conference seems like one of the larger opportunities for a lot of those ideas to get exchanged and discussed.

I will definitely be attending one or the other this year (my wife has signed my permission slip) and I'll provide photos, videos and hopefully post an interview or two on the blog after I return home from the conference.  Cue dream sequence music... maybe the committee will have some sort of collective awakening and have a conference in Baltimore or DC in 2013!

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