The Camera Adds Ten Pounds...

A quick note about photography on this site.  I typically use one of three cameras for photographing projects.  I am a Canon fan, there I said it, I like Canon because that's what I have used since film cameras roamed the earth.  Since this isn't a photography blog I won't get into the debate of Canon Vs. Nikon Vs. Leica or whatever, although I would love to own a Leica of any sort.

The three cameras I will likely use for stills and video are a Canon D5 Mark II, a Canon G12, and on occasion my phone (Droid X2).  Unfortunately, I have used my phone for several recent projects as I wasn't planning on blogging the photos.  I will try my best to use one of my other cameras to photograph projects, materials, or anything I am going to post simply because the detail will be better
Adjustment Nuts On Some Beater Planes

If you would like to see additional photos or details of something I have posted just let me know and I'll do my best to get them.  Additionally, I will obviously ask permission and give credit for any photos posted that are not mine, otherwise, they will all be shots I have taken

I am also learning SketchUp (as well as some other 3D software), so when I figure out how to post the SketchUp models of projects and templates I will put them on the site.
Antique Japanese Chalk Lines

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