Begin, Be Bold and Venture to be Wise...

I often find myself putting off something that I really feel I'd enjoy because starting something new is inherently a pain in the ass.  The harbingers of my procrastination are the (often steep) learning curve associated with jumping head first into something I know nothing about, the all too prevalent fear of failure, and usually just a lot of work up front. 

Normally, when find my way to starting whatever it is that I have put off until tomorrow, I find that it was way easier than I thought and more fun than I'd expected.  This is what keeps me trying new things.  I'm hoping this blog is one of those things...

I decided to start this blog after my wife told me to stop being such a baby and just give it a try.  She is usually very good at nagging me until I pull out my hair pushing me out of my comfort zone by gentle prodding; this venture is no exception. 

I am a Civil Engineer by education but, "amateur woodworker, toolmonger and lover of things hand made" is probably a better description even though it is a terrible title.  By nature (and nurture I suppose) I am a jack of many trades and a master of none; don't you hate cliches?? 

I hope to steer this blog along my usual drunken path littered with varied types of projects, tips, videos, photos and mistakes (hopefully to learn by?), and fuel it with other peoples wisdom, direction and guidance.  If everything goes well there should be some learning involved in there somewhere, mostly by me, but hopefully also by those who aren't afraid to melt their eyeballs by reading my blog (hey, you have two right?). 

Well...here goes nothing... or something...  Thanks for reading.

Some projects I'll be blogging about in the near future... or whenever I get around to it...that's the future, right?!?
Stairs to Somewhere
Chainsaw Milling a Black Walnut Tree
"Renovating" an Old Warranted Superior Handsaw

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