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A movie about woodworking would likely bore the general public to tears.  I, on the other hand, would be thrilled to watch a movie about someone else's creative process.  Hollywood continues to ignore my script submissions for a high budget drama about a woodworker struggling to make ends meet.  So, instead of a feature length film about building furniture, or a blockbuster about timber framing we are stuck with short independent documentaries profiling individual woodworkers.  Fortunately, a lot of these hipster-born brainchildren are actually executed rather well.  These are two that I found which, while very different in style, focus on what makes woodworkers tick.  I appreciate Mr. Rogowski's approach to design in the first video.  His simple straight forward attitude is likely what has made him so successful.  If he looks familiar it's because in addition to being a celebrated furniture maker, he also writes for Fine Woodworking Magazine.

I am enthralled at the ingenuity and determination of Mr. Kapek in the second video (fair warning, it's subtitled).  Contrary to popular belief, power tools have a much welcomed home in my shop.  I am a believer in the right tool for the right job, but if I can do a task by hand I find myself preferring that method more and more.  As I find myself building skill sets (very slowly) I see the value in making my own hand tools.  I can custom tailor them to my needs and learn a lot of important lessons during their construction.  Fortunately, however, haven't yet had to build any of the machines in my shop by hand as Mr. Kapek did.  These videos are worth a watch, as both are rather inspiring, but when I see a 92 year old woodworker still happily toiling away in his shop, I feel there is hope that it is possible to do this for the rest of my life.  So that leaves me several years to actually make something!

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