Thorough Thoreau, Part 1

An Old Family Property, Very Old
 When projects that have been long dreamed of begin to materialize into reality, I become the cliched "kid on Christmas morning."  Last weekend I was privileged to have been invited to accompany one of my oldest and best friends up to set pier foundations for his timber framed cabin.  This was the first of what will hopefully become many working weekends constructing this potentially amazing retreat.  This weekend was devoted to providing a strong foundation upon which the cabin will rest.

Dig Em Up.

We sunk six 24" Sonotubes into shale laden mountain ground.  Thank the heavens for diesel power and decent backwoods trails, because we were able to be aided by some small machinery.  Lots of bagged concrete and a little ingenuity, and we were able to place all six pier foundations in two days.  The next weekend we are all able to head up to "them thar hills," I'll be able to post a lot more on some timber frame assembly and some on site construction techniques.  My friend and his father have been busy little beavers, to say the least, on the construction of their cabin and it is coming along beautifully.

Cabin Progress
Hooray, We're Finished...For Today!
Sometimes a weekend away to clear ones mind is a much needed respite in an otherwise hectic world.  Even though we were working our tails of this weekend, it was a great opportunity to clear my head (and drink some well earned beers) and breathe in some fresh mountain air.

These Hills Are Beautiful Come Autumn

An Old, Old Oak

We stayed in an awesome storybook hunting cabin during our trip, and fortunately, we were the lucky beneficiaries of some neighborly goodwill in the way of showers, material delivery, and the friendship of some plain old fashioned decent people.  Plus, I was able to walk away with some birch for use on some future projects and we lined up some decent maple logs to be milled upon our return...  more to come!

Hunting Cabin In The Woods
Or...Better Yet, A Woodcutter's Cabin!
Inside The Woodcutter's Cabin

Forest Full Of Beautiful Old Trees...Now I'm Drooling

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