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Yesterday, I found out (through absolutely no research on my own behalf) about a brilliant new magazine that is being released to anyone with a computer...for free!  Penned in pure wit, WORK magazine - a comprehensive do it yourself journal - is being released in a downloadable version by the generous crew at Tools For Working Wood.

Okay, so perhaps I have used the term "new" a little too loosely.  In truth the magazine's first issue will be new to anyone born in the 20th century (or the 21st for that matter).   WORK magazine began its distribution in 1889, and in just the first issue (re-released today) there are detailed instructions on everything from making a kaleidoscope, to building a jig that turns a lathe into a tablesaw, to fretwork, to making a battery.  The illustrations are very well done and are thoroughly detailed and annotated.

The plan for releasing the magazine is to keep with the original distribution schedule.  They plan to release one 16 page journal a week, they will all be free and downloadable.  I downloaded and read the first issue on my iPad without issue, with the exception (of course) of my wife accusing me of being an unproductive layabout while reading.  The text is clear and the quality of the scan is excellent.  If you are someone who enjoys making things, out of wood or otherwise, I would recommend downloading this and giving it a thorough read.  If you find that you cant get into the text, the Victorian Era advertisements at the end of the publication are worth the download alone.  Click the link below to be directed to the download page for the magazine.

A Good Read For All Ages!

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