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I promised myself several months ago, when I started this blog, that it wouldn't just become a collection of random media I found while foraging through the lush forest floor that is the interweb.  Now, I promise you that this blog will not turn into a giant collection of other people's videos.  I want to post as much original content (a subjective concept, I know) on this blog as I can, so that there is a reason for it to exist.  That being said, I do plan (from time to time) to post something like the video below, that I feel is informative, aesthetically pleasing, well produced, and worth your time to watch.  

Also, the occasional unrelated, hilarious video at the end of my posts doesn't count.  I like funny videos, so you should too.  

This excellently produced video was created by Maite Felices and I came across it on Vimeo.com.  Her film is about Los Tres Juanes, a company in Spain which produces beautiful traditional wooden structures, architectural elements, and one off pieces.  It appears that a lot of their work is in new and restored wooden architectural ceilings.  The completed and in-process work shown in the video is beautiful and skillfully crafted.  They seem to have found a perfect marriage between machine and skilled carpenter, and a view on the use of machines that I couldn't agree more with.  These guys just get it, they understand the importance of tradition in their profession and at the same time, are willing to embrace new technology, when appropriate, to help them achieve their artistic vision and maintain their bottom line.  On top of all of that, they have managed to keep the business end of a professional shop up and running with clients all over the world.  I salute you gentlemen, keep up the amazing work.

And now, the video.  Fair warning, it is subtitled.

Los 3 Juanes - Mudejar Art from Maite Felices on Vimeo.

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