Saw Song

Well, Christmas is over and now I can take a breath and relax.  This holiday season has been insane, which is why I haven't posted anything in over a week.  As it turns out, having a child whom has never experienced Christmas before is, in fact, a big deal that everyone you know wants to witness.  We had a great holiday and my daughter was spoiled by everyone, the way it should be I suppose.

A lot of the typical baby toys were exchanged as well as some pajamas and books (we love books!).  I was delighted and happily surprised at the number of "old fashioned" wooden toys that were among the gifts she received.  They were all either unfinished maple or lightly detailed with baby safe paints.  There was a dog with wheels, a train with seven cars and blocks and the one my wife and I gave her which was a long hinged caterpillar with wheels.  Wheeled animals are apparently a very common genus in the wooden world ("wheeled animal" obviously known by their Latin name "rota alis").  They are all great toys that don't make a lot of racket, require imagination and will last for decades.  There are many retailers for wooden toys, my wife and I bought ours from Pureplaykids.com, and had great success.  We also bought our nieces and nephew wooden food and a wooden cash register all of which were a huge hit.

I'll be doing a couple posts on some of my gifts (of the workshop variety) as well as a gift or two that I gave myself, don't you love those?  I also have another Short Tips video coming and two more sharpening videos awaiting final edits, as well as a series of posts and photos on an oak bookshelf I'm currently building for my father in law.  I am really excited about this coming year and I have some great stuff up my sleeve for the blog; including saw sharpening and making, multiple wooden plane construction projects, and several woodworking projects that I currently have in the design phase.

I hope this coming New Year brings you happiness, health and more time in your workshop!  Now watch this amazing saw video I found while grazing on YouTube.

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