Living in Maryland means that I get to constantly wage battle against that ever present adversary...RUST!!

I have found a great product from Lie Nielsen.  Actually, there are many places to purchase this product but I ordered some other stuff last fall from "The Lie" and put this one in with my order.  It is basically just a silica impregnated cloth sock.  They call it a "Plane Sock."  The silica absorbs moisture inside the bag and thus reduces the reaction between the water and carbon dioxide in the air.  If water isn't present it can't react with carbon dioxide and it can't produce the weak carbonic acid required to begin the process of corrosion which results in rust.  This thing was pretty cheap, and you could even make your own out of larger gun socks, but the sock proved to be worth its weight in gold.  It prevented my planes from rusting in my workshop through a hot, humid Maryland summer.  I don't yet have a proper tool chest or cabinet (a soon-to-be blog post) so a lot of my tools sit on open shelves in the garage.  A combination of these plane socks and Zerust  shelf liners and capsules (a vapor corrosion inhibitor) prevented me from having to clean a ton of rust off of my tools this fall.  I recommend them if you have some tools you want to protect from the ravishes of Fe2O3.nH2O !

And now I leave you with some Plane Porn...  This is my Lie Nielsen #62 Low Angle Jack Plane that I'll be doing a blog entry on in the next day or so.  This is my "If I could only have one plane, plane"...  And now the promised dirty pictures...

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